The Last Blessing

by Soli Diaboli Gloria

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    The B-side contains instrumental mix of the album from 2010 executed by 121.
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tape released by KARJALAN BUNKKERI on 28 of november 2014

spawned in 2008
recorded in 2009, except vox in 2011


released November 28, 2014

G.N. - revelation
K. - incarnation



all rights reserved


Soli Diaboli Gloria Petrozavodsk, Russia

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Track Name: I
The tracery of slipknots
Falling from the skies
Decorating the halls of greatness
Of the human realm

The lead bullets are cast
From starry phosphoric dust
The hordes of pitiful fear
Slaves of the human mass

The answer to the existence
Is razors sharply cut
The awe of face of Death
The shadow of the holy cross

At a solemn moment
On your deathbed
Inhaling for the last time
Take the sins of others as your own

Dying with a smile of bless
Thinking of redemption
You should remember
You will rot in the grave

The slave from the horde
Forever you are
And your lot
Is only a dying wish

Accept it and begone
Track Name: II
Needles are digging under my skin
Dust is in my lungs
Asphixia and throes of pain
To Devil’s glory and mine

Infections find their victims
The sufferings are empty and infinite
And life is only a pitiful jiff
To Devil’s glory and mine

Pitiful god’s fools are lazy
They stand beggars
Prayers for happiness are tacit
To Devil’s glory and mine

Killing each other
Being hanged or maimed
Burying oneself alive
To Devil’s glory and mine

Perversion, incest and infantilism
Their bond is strong as ever
And idiots degenerate
To Devil’s glory and mine

And thousands of other vice
Committed by the son of god
Unknowingly… he sins
To Devil’s glory and mine

Insanity, dismay and futility
Dissolve in the Great Darkness
Where we all dwell
To Devil’s glory and mine
Track Name: III
The streams of thick blood
Seethe leaving scalds
Filling the rivers with the black poison
I’ve put my blood into the stream

I’ll cut the flesh in the scarlet glow
I’ll knife it till trance
I’ll beat it till mortal vomit
I want to touch the Abyss

To desecrate the flow of life
To pour my pain inside
As the fury of delight
Virus and ills of my deep wounds

For the sake of abyss of Freedom
I want to sin first
I want to make a filthy spell
By blood to desecrate the waters

The source is holy, the source is pure
Drink and feel the suffer
Enter the halls of spell and penance
And learn the joys of life from the inside

To rush in the dark alleys
Strike and mutilate the covers
Destroy the forms of god forever
Looking into the dark of bleak eye-holes

Rivers of blood are all around
The junk of people consuming them
And illness takes away
Those who haven’t gone themselves

Drink insatiably
Struck by black pest
You are of no use

Nobody needs you alive
Track Name: IV
Let the ail
Flow through you
Destructing your consciousness
Mortifying mind

The bleak light shimmering
Shabby walls
The four columns
Of a cozy grey world

Columns of the Universe
Rats’ holes
Safe shelters
Filled with grub

The speeches of preachers and dictators
Are in the air
Viruses of the everyday
Spiritual downfall

You beg the walls
Gazing into the air
The wombs of earthly creation
Await the awesome attitude

Spasms of existence
In the rats’ holes
Among waist and dirt
Ails of seclusion

Thoughts worming mind
Hopes for the skies
And fruitful prayers
Of a helpless greedy anger

Warm water
Cut veins
Weapons prepared
Drugs… a jump into Nowhere

Among bleak lights
Among shimmering candles
A hook and a slipknot
Way to the gates of paradise

Dirt and sand
Scraps of yesterdays’ papers
Letting you know
You are gone
Track Name: V
Within the stench of clammy walls
Within suffocating darkness
Works and intentions of great deeds
The fire shimmers, feel the heart- beat

The mental process is decaying
As inner bastard raving inside you
His baneful passion
Unknown fanatic moral

The world embraced by fire
Dissecting thoughts
The inner bastard rebelling in you
Calling for the last fighting

Since years of seclusion
To recollect the instant thoughts
To pull the trigger
Not leaving a farewell

Your time has come to ACT as god
It’s time you cleansed the world
Without scorn, without laugh,
Without needless pity words

The world aflame, blood-lit walls
Shades and cries of suffer
The inner bastard triumphs outside
Act - while not trapped!

Demented mind, the visions of hell
Unbearable dark pain
Tormenting my flesh
Cherishing my soul

Only dead bodies are left
Instead of charitable acts
The payment for the labours
Is your death in agony
Track Name: VI
The ail is flowing
Its currents are hidden
As a mental virus
Up to the critical mass

Cirrhosis of the message
Scriptures from Heavens
Of decaying members
Fears and actions

The open coffin
Calling and alluring
Destroys the delight of life
While I’m alive

And time is cutting
The sacred body
Spasms and pain
The agony of death

Fear of Abyss
Gives birth to Element
Armadas of insects
Eating life out

Licanthropes, sadists,
Deviants and usual killers
Humanist wretches
Kill and devour

Kill and devour
Track Name: VII
We may discuss for ages
The nature of things and matters
Who created this world savage
And where to place Hell sacred

What is mortal and beautiful
God-like and unearthly
If there is a parallel world
If there is Netherworld

What all these wretches live for
When mighty minds
Numerous slaves of God
See destruction as their goal

More beautiful is life, sweeter is the feast
The taste of blood on my lips makes me fly
Turn people into angels of their death
Into rats and fearful kids

In the sacred book and Scripture of Sorrow
The promised equality
Is written and sealed
By slavery, humiliation and sin

Without doubt, there were brave inventors
Of machines of destruction
As genocides and holocausts of their creation
Favours of medicine and numerous are ills

You and your creation
Are dragged slow but steady
To oblivion and death in the Universe
Where all this shit shall forever be
Track Name: VIII
Light that shall kill all living beings
The matter is secret and causes animal fear
The black Nothing is the dust of Devil
A knife in the neck of each of us

As all living inside Heavens
Decays and rots very soon
So the Black Nothing devours you
From the inside, outside and near

And feeling the defensive instinct
Trying to live a worthy and beautiful life
Everyday we put the needles of pain
To our chests, eyes and skies